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Pingu Dance

I spend a substantial amount of time listening to Sprout. That’s PBS’s cable network for young kids. My son (1 1/2 years) is addicted to that channel, which he calls “LaLa”. We’re not sure if it’s because that’s because of “LaLa” from Teletubbies, or the “LaLa” song that Elmo sings… but when he wants to watch TV he points to it and says, “LaLa”.

Anyway, one of his favorite shows is Pingu. But get this, he doesn’t care for the show, but likes its 10 second theme song at the beginning. Whenever it comes on he has us rewind the theme song over and over.

I’m not sure what that says about the show. On one hand it’s got a theme song that kids (at least my son) absolutely loves. On the other hand, he could do without the show entirely as long as he hears the song.

So, for my son, I found the full-length version of “Pingu Dance”. God bless you David Hasselhoff!

(Then again, maybe not… as I have now listened to this song several times in a row as my son demands endless replay.)

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