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7 Nifty Ways to Promote Your App Using Social Media

how to promote app on social media

Whether you’re promoting a brand, service, product, or application, it has been proved that social media interaction and advertising boosts business exposure and, ultimately, conversions. When using your app or playing your mobile game, users are already engaging online on one platform.

How to Promote Your App On Social Media

There are many ways in which you can set up your marketing strategy to merge a variety of promotion channels using social media.

1. Consider Your Platform Presence

Before you throw money at every social media platform, consider your influence and presence on your current pages. Where would your audience be the most interactive? Do you already have a steady following on some of your social accounts? This will help you determine where to put your focus when it comes to paid advertising and app marketing options.

Google+ is a good channel to promote your application because of its built-in promotion power. Boost your rankings by making use of the right hashtags on Google+ that will improve your organic search ranking.

The power of Facebook Marketing goes without saying. Creating a Facebook Page for your app is crucial for your marketing efforts, and doing show will help you create a community and add credibility to your brand.

deliveroo's Facebook page

Deliverroo’s Facebook page

“Millions of users across the world access Twitter every day, and about 85% of them do so from their mobile device. Mobile app marketing enables you to target these users to drive app installs as well as engagement”. – Fourth Source

2. Install App from Social Media Account

Facebook offers a few nifty ways in which companies can promote their apps. By using Facebook App Install Ads, you are able to customize your ad according to your target audience. Plan your strategy according to your budget, and utilize their free promotion options as well. Merely listing ‘Use App’ as a call-to-action on your Facebook Page can also do wonders for promotion.

Facebook use app button

MyFitnessPal utilizes the “Use App” button

3. Use Social Media Incentives

This is probably one of the most widely used strategies for app marketing and is particularly effective in the mobile gaming app industry. With games like Two Dots and Toy Blast, you only have a certain amount of lives to play with. But you have the option to “ask” your friends for more lives through a social media post. This works well for time-sensitive apps where you rely on the user’s impatience.

4. Create Video Content

There’s no denying the power of video content on social media. This is especially true for the recent rise in social platforms such as Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories. Create a basic video or animation video that serves as an application tutorial.

Use this as promotion on all social platforms. Additionally, you can also ask users to record themselves playing or broadcast a testimonial and review. Make sure that you reward them for promoting your app and brand.

Another way to promote your app using video content on social media is to create trendy trailers for your game, like this commercial:

Think of unique ways to showcase your game so that it has the potential to go viral. Video advertising as pre-roll on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are also highly rewarding and ideal for brands with bigger budgets.

5. The Power of Influencers

Social media marketing and influencers go hand in hand. If you can get the right influencer to promote your app via their social channels, you will open up an entire world of traffic and prospective users. Remember, this engagement has to be authentic, and your target audience must recognize, admire,or relate to the influencer you choose.

6. Create a Social Media Brand Voice

Nobody likes to feel they’re being “played” when it comes to marketing. That’s why it’s so important to establish the right tone and style when promoting your app on social media. Social media users can smell desperation, so it’s important to create a natural, authentic approach to advertising.

In order to create this ‘online voice’ ask yourself the following questions:

  • If my app was an animal, what would it be?
  • How old is my target group?
  • What type of language to they use?
  • If my app was a human, what would it wear?
  • Do I have “characters” in my app? What do they sound like?

Have a look at those answers, and start to create a “person” behind the brand. This “person” will be the one communicating with your followers online. Don’t be afraid to humanize your brand. Ask for feedback and apologize for mistakes and errors. People respect brands that are transparent and open to improving. It will also show that you value their opinion and feedback.

7. Ask for Feedback Online

Another way to promote your app via social media channels is to ask for feedback. This could be done via your social pages, or on other social platforms such as LinkedIn, Google +, or Facebook Groups. Increase your visibility by connecting with other developers and entrepreneurs, or even answering industry-related questions on Reddit or Quora. You could also offer promo codes to those willing to test and try it out.

ask for app feedback

Building relationships within the app industry can boost traffic, conversion, and engagement without even spending a cent. Use these tips to build those relationships and enjoy the success your app achieves as a result.

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