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PubCon '06: Keyword Selection

Nov. 16th – Wednesday morning I was able to sleep in a bit (thanks to a very agreeable boss). My first session of the day was Keyword Selection: Top of Search, moderated by Joe Laratro. Each speaker had something to offer from a unique perspective. Noteworthy lessons include:

  • Evaluating keywords by: Brand, Conversion, Relevancy, Competition and Query Volume
  • The importance of determining your client’s measures of success.
  • The value (and prohibitive cost) of high level competitive keyword data from Hitwise.
  • Using PPC data as a reference for converting keywords.
  • Looking at offline keyword influences.
  • Using Google Trends to understand search activity

Mainly I walked away from this session with a few good ideas for in-house tools to develop, as well as a couple of new metrics to tinker with.

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