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Quotes & Catchphrases: Part IV

Some of you may be wondering why I started with Part V. Well that’s simple, this is a countdown, isn’t it???

While I usually keep my posts relevant to business and business development I thought not only would these quotes and catchphrases be fun, but I also think that we consider TV only as entertainment. Well it is, for us, but for someone else it is just as much a business as anybody else.

In TV, very few things stand the test of time. Sure we have reruns on TV land, but of every show rerun there are dozens, if not hundreds that have been lost to oblivion. These catchphrases have stayed on our conscious minds weathering the test of time. While many of these TV shows may not be on, they have spurned lasting careers of many individuals.

Note: to read answers, highlight below each catchphrase.

80. The tribe has spoken.
Jeff Probst during tribal counsel, Survivor

79. Holy crap!
Peter Boyle as Frank Brown, Everybody Loves Raymond

78. Bam!
Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Live

77. I’m Rick James, bitch.
Dave Chappelle, Dave Chappelle Show

76. Denny Crane.
William Shatner as Denny Crane, Boston Legal

75. I know Nothing!
John Banner as Sgt. Shultz, Hogan Heroes

74. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
Eve Plumb as Jan Brady, The Brady Bunch

73. Good night, John boy.
The Waltons

72. Let’s be careful out there.
Michael Conrad as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Blues

71. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy
Roy Bentsen to Dan Quayle in a Vice Presidential Debate

70. Schwing!
Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey as Wayne and Garth, Wayne’s World, SNL

69. Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?
Grey Poupon Commercials

68. Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.
Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh as Drs. Troy and McNamara, Nip/Tuck

67. Up your nose with a rubber hose.
John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino, Welcome Back Kotter

66. Heh heh….
Beavis and Butthead

65. Making whoopie!
Bob Eubanks, The Newly Wed Show

64. Who loves you, baby?
Telly Savalas as Lieutenant Theo Kojak, Kojak

63. Gee, Mrs. Cleaver…
Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskill, Leave it to Beaver

62. I can’t believe I ate that whole thing.
Commercial for antacids.

61. Say good night, Gracie.
George Burns, George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

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