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Many times, a site may be doing okay on its own, which is… okay. However, lots of times, when you redesign a site with the customers and search engines in mind, you may just find that not only your traffic, but your customers (new and returning) have increased. That’s what happened when Perfume.com redesigned their site.

” Conversion rates at Perfume.com have increased to 5.52% of site visits from 3.68% since the Aug. 2 re-launch of the site, the company reports. The company also is experiencing a 50% retention rate, up from about 25% before the re-launch, and an 8% increase in the sales margin, says Jason Bailey, vice president of marketing.”

Many of the changes they made to the site had the average person in mind.

“Perfume.com redesigned the site to make the price and the add-to-cart button most prominent on the page, instead of distracting shoppers with other superfluous information, Bailey says.”

“Another feature added to the site is a breakdown of how much a shopper will save on a purchase. The site lists the regular price, the lower Perfume.com price and how large a savings that represents.”

Good job Perfume.com, good job.

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