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Ready for Motion Print Advertising?

A truly revolutionary breakthrough in graphic media is poised to change the advertising industry forever.

XYZ imaging has developed a completely new visual media; called simply XYZ Media, and according to the firm:
“This remarkable new technology allows you to produce realistic, dynamic pictures that are in full vivid colour with an astonishing three dimensional effect. ”

Holography. According to XYZ, the media can play 6 seconds of 3D motion video and requires no special viewing device. A kind of union between print and film.
XYZ Imaging
Initially we will see this technology used to create full motion 3D movie posters to advertise featured and upcoming films. These would replace the familiar “now playing” and “coming soon” movie posters found in movie theaters.

The potential applications of this technology are almost endless especially in marketing & advertising. What if print ads were able to demonstrate products in action; visually, in full-motion and 3D(!)? How would that redefine the concept of ad space? Business cards, billboards (scary), yellow page ads, brochures, just about every print ad medium could be impacted in a very big way.

There are of course many innovative non-marketing applications which come to mind as well; like assembly instructions for baby furniture or missing person bulletins, even vehicle owner’s manuals.

The possible applications are innumerable. To learn more visit XYZ’s Imaging website

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One Response to Ready for Motion Print Advertising?

  1. Orange County Print Advertising says:

    It’s difficult to predict how this will take off. I remember reading articles 10 years back about paper thin display screens that could display animation in magazines. I’m still waiting to see one in a Magazine.