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Review: Customer Service Revolution by John DiJulius III

customer service revolution review

Everybody knows what good customer service isn’t. Unfortunately, not enough people know what it is.

John DiJulius III helps remedy that in his book, Customer Service Revolution. This is the book that will help you turn your desire to have good customer service into actions that make it a reality.

customer service revolution coverThe Customer Service Revolution: Overthrow Conventional Business, Inspire Employees, and Change the World
by John DiJulius III

After picking up a copy of Revolution, I had a conversation with my son (who is in college and an assistant manager of a shoe store) that went something like this:

Me: If you’re interested in learning how to be a better manager and earn raises, I got something for you.

Him: I like raises!

Me: It’s all about customer service.

Him: My marketing classes are teaching me that customer service is huge.

Me: I have a book that will teach you what your marketing classes won’t. And how to become so superior at customer service that you’ll be offered raises and promotions like no one’s business.

Him: I have no chance at getting a raise. I can only make more money through commissions and bonuses.

Me: Which is my point. Raise your commissions and bonuses by becoming a customer service king.

Him: I’m already a great salesman.

Me: I’m sure you are. This book will show you how to be even greater.

Him: I don’t read books.


I tell you that story because I think it’s typical of many people. We all want to be better at customer service, but aren’t willing to learn what that means and how to do it.

One of the best things about The Customer Service Revolution is it doesn’t just tell you that you need customer service, it provides you with a road map and actions that will help you turn your business into a customer mecca.

Don’t think customer service matters in your industry? Think again. Or pick up a copy of Revolution and learn why you’re wrong and what you can do to get the competitive advantage by creating a customer service revolution within your company.

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