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Review: Decision Making for Dummies

decision making for dummies review

Many of us have trouble making decisions. And even if we don’t, we don’t always know why we make some decisions over others. Decision Making for Dummies helps give us perspective not just on the decisions we make but how to make better decisions for our life and business.

decision making for dummies coverDecision Making for Dummies
By Dawna Jones

Don’t judge me, but my decision to read this book was made, basically because I got it free. Would I have made the decision to buy this book about decision making otherwise? Probably not. Do I feel I made a good decision to read it? Ultimately yeah, I did.

DMD isn’t exactly light reading. It is very detailed and in-depth. I have read only one other “for Dummies” book before, and this follows the same type of format. If you like this series, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate this one.

Personally, it wasn’t until I hit Part IV that I really felt I was getting my reading’s worth. That’ said, Parts IV, V and VI were full of useful and applicable information, more so than the first three parts of the book. That’s not to say the first half wasn’t valuable, it just didn’t resonate with me as much as the latter half.

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