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Review: Nitty-Gritty of Writing for SEs

“The Nitty-Gritty of Writing for the Search Engines, A Special Report by Jill Whalen”
by Jill Whalen, owner HighRankings.com.
27-Page Ebook, $49
copyright 2003

There are very few individuals in the SEO community who are as polarizing as Jill. She has developed a loyal following of those that share her overall world view of SEO, while at the same time nurturing a considerable amount of detractors who don’t like what some might call her overly-simplistic approach to SEO. When it comes to the topic of writing for search engine placement, Jill has been advocating natural usage of targeted keyword phrases within professionally written text well before even the search engines were. As it turns out, Jill was right all along.

In Nitty Gritty, Jill details “how and where to place your most important keyword phrases within the visible text copy of your Web pages.” Her book outlines the best methods of creating quality content that will a) achieve top search engine rankings, and b) professionally conveys the intended message to the reader.

When it comes to writing web content for search engines and visitors alike, Jill knows her stuff. Years ago, while many SEOs (including Pole Position Web) were still stuffing keywords into pages, Jill was rightfully advocating good natural writing with a focus on keyword targeting. With the new search technology that is analyzing natural language and word usage more and more, Jill’s advice from years ago is essential SEO today.

In just 27 pages, Jill illustrates how to convey your message to your readers while targeting your important keyword phrases. Everything from keyword selection to on-the-page usage of those keywords is discussed in a manner that any site owner can understand. You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to put Jill’s guidelines, suggestions and recommendations into practice, you just need to know your ROI keywords and have a strong command of your given topic.

Over the years Pole Position Web has tried out many good copywriters who thought that they could easily apply their craft to search engine optimization, only to find that they lacked the essential knowledge of effective keyword targeting. We now have an official text-book for all our professional writers as they learn the in’s and out’s of writing professional copy while targeting specific keywords for search engine placement.

My sole negative regarding Nitty Gritty is the price. $49 for a 27-page book is a bit steep, however since Jill has created the sole authoritative source on the subject, its $49 well spent.

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