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Seinfeld on Marketing?

Seinfeld on MarketingA few weeks back Michelle found a fun little document by Bill Gammel that outlines 7 marketing lessons from the show Seinfeld. I can probably count the number of full Seinfeld episodes I’ve seen on one hand. (That’s all about to change as I was just gifted with the entire series on DVD). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the importance that this show has had on our pop-culture.

In fact Seinfeld was probably the most important pop-culture show of all time, if one can attach the word importance to pop-culture. Not only did the show make fun of current pop culture idiosyncrasies, but it brought out into the open many of the hidden things that many of us didn’t realize that others did or thought right along with us. While Seinfeld made us laugh at these pop culture references it also created many more pop culture references that we still use today.

It’s with that understanding that you have to read Seinfeld on Marketing: 7 marketing lessons from the cast of “the show about nothing”. These seven lessons are important for every business to know and understand. Lessons that, unlearned, made our nation laugh for nine seasons.

Using quotes from the takeaway episodes and a marketing lessons in his own words, Gammel gives us Seinfeldian lessons on:

  1. Company policies and signs
  2. Brands and expectations
  3. Using comparisons
  4. Exclusivity
  5. Naming your product
  6. Loyalty programs
  7. Competition myopia

Seinfeld on Marketing is a free download and only 14 pages. And just like the show, you’ll laugh at the obviousness of the marketing lessons that Gammel draws out of the episodes.

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