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SEO and Image Tags

My journey into the world of SEO has recently led me into the importance of proper image tags. The extended use of images and Flash can be seen in many of the latest and greatest sites. One major problem these image-heavy, Flash-based sites encounter is its lack of spiderability among search engines. Sure they may look fantastic to the naked eye, but when a spider views the site it sees very little content.

Adding alt text to images and flash can be a quick and simple fix to aid spiderability of your site. It’s vital that some your main keywords find a home in your alt text. These tags may not help you burst to page one rankings, but it will help the engine gain more understanding of your keywords. Adding alt tags to every image, from buttons to graphics can greatly improve your site’s overall SEO. Hovering over images and image buttons can be a good way of scouting your site. A yellow pop box should appear with the image’s alt text.

Images are a great way to spruce up your site. They can make your users happy, as well as aid your site’s search engine optimization.

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