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SEO Job Knowledge Interview Question #21: How Important Are Exact Match Domains?

How important are exact match domains to the optimization success?

An SEO job candidate should demonstrate sufficient knowledge regarding how search engines view exact match domains and how that impacts the success of your site specifically.

Here’s how I would answer:

Google has been fighting against exact match domains for some time, especially those of the spammy variety. At this point, exact match domains should have very little, if any, relevance to search. But what happens in the real world is very different from what should be.

But since we know that Google is fighting against it, It’s probably not a good idea to build your site around an exact match domain. Instead, use a domain that utilizes the business name.

There is nothing wrong with using keywords in your domain, but, that should only be done if those keywords are your business name. And that your business name wasn’t determined solely by keywords!

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