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SEO Perfection Costs Extra

Perfect is Unattainable.Years ago, when I was in Jr. High School I remember a guy who worked for my parents. He always used to say “perfect costs extra.” This wasn’t one of those, “that’s as good as you’re gonna get from me” statements, it was more a testament to the expectations that customers have. In everything we do there will be an element of imperfections. If a customer or a client wants perfect, well, that’s a whole other pricing ball park.

Recently I dealt with two clients that have suddenly gotten into “rush” mode. Everything needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Normally, this isn’t a concern for me because I’m the same way about most things. I don’t like to procrastinate, but instead I try to stay ahead of the game.

What makes these two clients unique is that I’ve been working with both of them for several months and they, not I, have been the primary holdup in making progress. Bear with me here, I’m not just passing the blame.

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