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SEO Title Tags for WordPress

Wordpress SEO Title Tag Plugin
In the web development world, the popularity of WordPress as an opensource blog manager / CMS has been exponential. As an SEO, I see this as a great opportunity to fine tune your WordPress blog to use proper title tags. As most of us know, search engines give much of their ranking power to your title tags. In addition, they can serve as a strong branding opportunity for your blog / business.

There are many tools available to aid your WordPress SEO efforts. One of the more popular tools is SEO Title Tag 2.0. This plug in allows users to add unique title tags to each page / post. For example, you can specify your homepage to have your business name and some keywords, and allow your posts to not carry the business name at all. In addition, users can manipulate the plug in to reverse the order of your title.

SEO WordPress Title Tag Examples

WordPress formats your title like this:
Blog Name >> Blog Archive >> Post Title

With the SEO Title Tag Plug in, users can adjust their tag to:
Post Title | Blog Name
Blog Name | Keywords for your home
and many more options.

To use this plug in correctly, users need access to the header.php file. Therein, the plugin requires you to slightly adjust the current php title.

It’s important to remember that SEO isn’t just for your business, it’s equally important for your unique blog and content therein.

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  1. White Flood says:

    Hey, I appreciate the help! This is my first time using WordPress but I’m still a touch lost – there’s just so many plugins, themes, and options! But I’m slowly getting there and it’s starting to take form. Hopefully it doesn’t take forever for me to setup next time. Anyway… nice site… I’m subscribed to your feed now so I’ll be checking in regularly!