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SEO Tool Review: NicheBOT

NicheBOT bears the distinction amongst similar tools as being a very practical resource hub for keyword/search phrase research. By using a single interface to present information from seperate standard keyword research resources such as Wordtracker and Overture, NicheBOT is a very practical time-saver.

In addition to drawing search phrase information from recognized and trusted industry resources, NicheBOT also offer several unique and useful tools to augment the keyword research process. A summary of those features follows:

  • An integrated drill-down feature allowing users to easily refine and locate increasingly specific search phrases to target.
  • Along with search volume, the number of Google search results returned for a search phrase is also presented. As well as a competitive ratio between search volume and search results.
  • Keyword analysis feature which presents the top ten search results for any given search phrase as well as detailed information about each result, including URL, link popularity and PageRank.
  • Integrated Searchable Thesaurus.
  • Integrated Lateralus allowing users to query the keyword database, thesaurus database and analysis database from a single interface.
  • NicheBOT is a free to use service that is accessed directly from the internet at www.nichebot.com

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