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SES SJ: Usability & SEO

This session was basically about website usability, under the assumption that usability and SEO go hand-in-hand, which I totally agree with. Here are some interesting points and ideas that where brought up in the session.

  • Bread crumbs help your site for usability reasons. They provide the site visitor with answers to “where am I and where can I go”, and help their ability to navigate easily throughout the site. Make sure you have an established hierarchy of categories.
  • When creating things such as navigation bars, make sure your word selection is keyword focused.
  • To avoid being too busy and complicated, don’t put more than 8 things in your site’s global bar.
  • Provide a natural call to action within your embedded text links.

One of the panelists brought up a very good point in regard to the difference between SEO and usability:

SEO involves getting people to your site; and usability involves getting site visitors to do what you want them to do.

Max Speed

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