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SES:SJ – Video Search Optimization

Multimedia Track, Tuesday 3:15 – 4:30 PM
Video Search Optimization

Moderator: Sapna Satagopan, Associate Analyst, JupiterResearch
Gregory Markel, President, Infuse Creative, LLC
Jeremy Clem, DoubleClick
Sherwood Stranieri, Search Marketing Director, Catalyst Online
Stephen Baker, Chief Revenue Officer, Everyzing

Video Search Optimization

Sherwood Stranieri starts off noting that video is a great way to bring visitors to your site. With the rollout of blended and Universal search video can be even more important because of the exposure that good videos can bring. Sherwood suggests that you can develop some good video content throw a couple samples of them on YouTube which can bring people to your site which will gain traffic and links outside of YouTube.

He suggest using video testimonials or how-to videos is a great way to build up a video library. YouTube and most other video portals are for entertainment only, but they can be used to generate links and even demonstrate some products. He suggests that someone might popularize a business or Do-it-yourself video portal, or other specific niche industries.

Jeremy Clem provides stats on video usage and views. He points out that the videos that get seen most are usually from those on sites that are well-optimized. It’s not just about the video but being sure you optimize the page the video is on to ensure the search engines can know what the video is about. Jeremy suggests that you make it easy as possible to make it so others can distribute your video content. It doesn’t hurt to make it easy for the SEs to find the videos either.

He talked a good deal about being sure your video is also optimized, tags, keywords, titles, etc. All of that matters and if you hope to have your video get spidered and possibly ranked, you need to pay attention to these small details.

Gregory Markel says that we can be an expert video optimizer by the end of his talk. He discusses the various aspects necessary to optimize your video content for search. I won’t rehash everything here but I would say that it’s smart to look at each of the video upload services you use and take advantage of the things they offer that allow you to keyword, tag and title your videos. And use your friends to help you out giving your video a boost. Something worth noting, YouTube takes a frame about a minute and 20 seconds into each video to use as the snapshot. gotta make sure that frame is a good one.

Stephen Baker spent a good amount of time telling us what what his company does and, uh, well, that’s all.

I’m off to start thinking about what kind of videos we can make for our clients. Actually, I just emailed Ed some ideas… and purchased two domain names for it. How fun.

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