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Seven Reasons To Hire A Professional SEO

There are many reasons to employ active marketing of your business. Some businesses just need to increase their name recognition on the internet while others want to highlight their products and services. Marketing can be, and is, a powerful and effective tool, however it is important to market your business properly.

When it comes to search engine marketing many businesses think they can do it themselves, but the questions is; should you do it yourself, or should you hire an internet marketing professional? Which would be more cost effective? Which would produce the best results? Which would provide the most professional outcome?

Very few businesses would think of using their in-house employees to create billboard advertisements or to produce TV or radio commercials, but many times you find businesses do just that by performing their online marketing campaigns in-house… all just to save a few bucks. But performing your internet marketing in-house really doesn’t save money nor does it always achieve your goals?

While there are many reasons one might consider performing in-house search engine marketing, I would like to provide several reasons why you should consider hiring a professional SEO company for your internet marketing, if you haven’t done so already.

“It’s Never As Easy As It Looks”
I was visiting an old high-school buddy the other weekend and we got to talking about business and search engine marketing specifically. He made a passing comment along the lines of “…if only your clients knew how easy it is, you would be out of a job.” As I tried to convince him otherwise, and as he grew even more unconvinced, I realized my efforts would be futile until my friend actually tried a hand at search engine promotion himself.

Last summer I had a similar opinion about builders. My brother and I had started building an extra room onto my house. Only after several smashed fingers and some shoddy walls, did I realize that people hire professionals for a reason. It may look easy when observing an expert, but when you try to do it yourself you find out that things aren’t always as you think.

“Software Doesn’t Do It All”
There are many quality professional software tools available that can give you a leg up on internet marketing and promotion. If you are determined to do it yourself I’ll even be the first to make a recommendation on what I believe is the best product to use. But the fact is, no matter how many software programs you use, they will never do everything you need for quality promotion.

Many promotion software packages are excellent resources and helps–we use them ourselves–but they are not a magic solution. Many of our clients have come to us after they spent good money on promotion software, only to find that it required a lot of time and effort beyond the software’s capabilities to provide quality and effective site promotion.

“Professionals Already Have The Necessary Tools”
I mentioned above that many of our current clients purchased some of the same tools that professionals use, only to turn to a professional to do the job. If you go to a search engine optimization and internet marketing professional, they already have all the necessary tools. Professionals don’t have to go out and re-purchase a program for each client, therefore passing those savings to each client. The cost for any business to purchase all the necessary software programs, marketing books and promotion newsletter subscriptions, is enough to get you pretty well started on a promotion package with a marketing professional.

“Knowledge Equals Results”
Speaking of software programs, marketing books and promotion newsletter subscriptions, professional internet marketers have accumulated years worth of knowledge on the subject and have seen and been a part of the constant evolution of search engine marketing. Much in the same way that professional contractors must know the current code laws in order to build your home addition properly, professional marketers are constantly reading and learning about the latest changes, the newest techniques and the best tools to do the job right from the start. Which leads me to my next point…

“Professionals Do It Right The First Time”
While search engine marketing and optimization is not an exact science, there are right and wrong ways to go about promoting your site to the search engines. In the instance of my home addition, I had to hire professional contractors to come in and tear down everything that had already been done and start from scratch because it wasn’t being done correctly. Professional search engine marketers have already gone through the learning curve (on all the early clients! Just kidding!) and know what techniques do and don’t work. Professionals have studied the tricks, learned the tips, tested the options, and developed their methods into a finely tuned process.

“Lost Time Turns Into Lost Sales”
Because professional marketers have the knowledge, training, and experience, they can produce quality results in much less time than an amateur. That finely tuned process translates into a streamlined effort to produce the desired results without the hassle of trial and error, or “going back to the book” to see what to try next. Every lost second without good promotion, as the novice makes attempt after attempt at in-house promotion, is a sale that went to somebody who used a professional to get the job done quickly and professionally.

“More Cost Effective In the Short and Long Run”
Many businesses that try to do their promotion in-house lack much of what makes professional marketers so successful at what they do. Often times the job of search engine promotion is delegated to somebody who already has another job on their plate, but the theory is that if this person dedicates a couple hours a week, that will be enough to get the job done. What they soon come to find is that by paying someone in-house (or the small business owner doing it him or herself), you lose much more money in wasted man hours than it would cost to hire a professional to complete the desired task.

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