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Speed Dating Networking
Have you ever speed dated? I’ve been married long enough that I’ve not ever had the opportunityneed to attend a speed dating meeting, yet I’ve seen it on TV. (wow I feel like I just almost made a bad quote, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”)

Last Night I attended Charity Speed Networking as part of Small Business Marketing: Unleashed and it was FUN. Honestly, if I were single, I may seriously consider speed dating if I was looking for someone with common interests.

Do you know how this works? Well let me tell you. We had one long row of tables, and along one side we had the “movers” and on the other side, the non moves. We were given three minutes to talk to the person across the table from us, and then the movers got up and moved down one seat to talk with the next person.

What a great way to force everyone into talking with other people who they otherwise might not ever speak with. My most memorable date discussion was with someone who had no idea what Search Optimization or PPC were. I got to TEACH! Problem was, three minutes wasn’t enough time. I ran out of time in talking to other people too, where I was learning information from them.

After the Speed Dating Networking, we had time to catch up with whoever we may have missed (due to time limitations, the movers didn’t get matched up with all the non movers) or may have wanted to follow up with.

Things to bring if ever speed date network

  • Big stack of business cards
  • Hand sanitizer 😉

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