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Why Content Should Stop Hiding Your Negatives and Flaunt Them Instead


Content is critical to the sales process, but good sales content does more than hit on all the advantages of what you offer. It makes sure that the reader isn’t disappointed with whatever it is you’re selling. This means, you can’t just touch on the positives, you have to hit on the perceived negatives and turn them into something of value.

A good example of this is the grocery chain Aldi. Their positives are low prices. Their negatives list could be a mile long:

  • Limited selection
  • Limited inventory
  • Few brand names
  • You have to bring your own bags
  • You have to bag your own groceries
  • You need a quarter to get a cart

But Aldi turns these negatives around and uses them to support their main goal: To give you incredibly high quality at impossibly low prices.

Expectations can be killer. Failure to address expectations will ultimately lead to disappointed visitors and customers. Which in turn, loses business. Your content should make the shopper feel the warmth, smell the aroma, taste the sweetness, experience the rush, and enjoy the peace and comfort your product will bring them. But it should also address perceived downsides and the nagging ‘what if’s.’

How to Turn Potential Negatives into Positives

  • Negative: What if the product is damaged? Positive: Outline your return policiy for damaged goods.
  • Negative: What if it’s the wrong size? Positive: Provide a correct size guarantee.
  • Negative: What if it doesn’t work? Positive: Provide a replacement plan.
  • Negative: What if results don’t come fast? Positive: Outline realistic expectations.

Using content to sell often keeps the focus on all the positive aspects of the product or service. That’s important, but it all too frequently neglects to address the potential downsides or the questions customers might have. Part of giving your visitors confidence in what you do means addressing these potential negatives.

If your content is all glory and roses, your product better be too. But if you have some supposed downsides, address them and turn them into support material for your upsides.

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