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21 Things Every Web Developer Should Do

If only Ferris knew what was ahead. That quote comes from much simpler, and slower times. With the web and all it’s related technologies, we have seen life change faster […]

Questions Every Web Developer Should Ask

When it comes to websites, there’s a history of disconnect between SEOs and web developers. An SEO is concerned with optimizing usability and site structure. A web developer is concerned […]

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Duplicate Content Issues: Domain Name Redirects

Registering multiple domain names is, and should be, common practice for businesses wishing to protect their brands. I discussed buying alternative domain names earlier this week, but I wanted to […]

Duplicate Content Issues: www. vs. no www.

Last month I posted some of my thoughts and theories on duplicate content where I explained the different types of duplicate content that the search engines find. I wanted to […]

The Wisdom of Buying Alternative Domain Names

Last week I wrote a post about how poor product categorization can frustrate shoppers and search engines alike. Strictly from a user standpoint, improperly thinking out how each product should […]