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Taking the Time to Read. But Read What?

I’m a firm believer in reading and the constant education process. Now mostly I like to read novels because those are fun and because I’ve always had a hard time reading anything else. But I don’t let that stop me.

I try to keep four books going at once, one novel, one SEM related book, and one personal development book. The fourth varies (spiritual development, political, biographies, etc.). I find it easy to justify spending time to read books, and there are a plethora of books available that I find interesting or educational. But when it comes to SEM reading, very little that is worthwhile is found in books. That’s not to say there are not a number of quality books on the topic, but those quality books are not in great supply.

For SEM reading that leads me back to blogs, forums and other online resources. But spending time doing that is much harder (for me) to justify mentally. When I have time each day I definitely go to these sources, but I find that I don’t always have time to do this during my workday. All my book reading is done in the evening and I have a hard time sitting in front of the computer just to read while at home, not to mention justifying that to the wife. The other problem is that once I’m on the computer reading I’m soon commenting and posting. Get me into that zone and I hate to be “disturbed” by the family so I don’t lose my train of thought. A book I can always set it down to attend to other things.

So I’m curious, what do you read (business related) and where do you go to read it?

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