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The Churning of the Rumor Mill

The online community is great. Where else can a rumor get started and quenched within a few hours. Yesterday at 11:49 am Jeff Martin started a thread at Search Engine Watch about what looked as if Google had pulled all ads related to ‘click fraud’. I did a quick scan of my regularly visited blogs this morning to see that Threadwatch reporting it, sourced from Spider Food Forums, which sourced it from SEO Mike at Search Engine Optimization Eblog.

The worst, is assumed, of course. Has Google pulled the ads because they are feeling the heat? Alas, it was just a glitch, says AdWords Rep on SEW forums, who posted Google’s official word.

A glitch briefly prevented ads from being shown for a small set of keywords, including words such as funeral, fraud and others. The glitch was technical and was not related to a specific issue or policy.

So, it looks like Google isn’t trying to quash click fraud monitors after all. But, its good to see that that the SEO community is watching. Google should take notice.

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