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The Vital Part Of SEO Tools Nobody Talks About

SEO is absolutely essential for modern websites. Without a proper search engine optimization strategy, websites will languish in obscurity. 

Given how important SEO is, it obviously makes sense to properly invest in the tools that you need to use it to its fullest potential. Whether that means investing in staff who are knowledgeable about SEO or getting the right software, you need to have the complete package in place if you want to be able to use SEO effectively to promote a website or business.

A proxy is not always the first tool that comes to mind when an SEO professional thinks about the essentials. However, as any seasoned pro of the field must surely understand by now, access to a rotating proxy network makes a world of difference when it comes to working on your SEO. 

Proxy Power

Any tool that tracks keywords or crawls websites to scrape links and data will need to use a proxy to rotate its IP address. Otherwise, it will soon be detected as artificial traffic and will likely get banned. While no one really talks about this side of the industry, proxies are integral to the way that SEO works today. There are many more components to an SEO campaign now than there were just a few years ago.

In order to devise a focused and effective SEO campaign, SEO professionals need to have the right data on their side. Whether that data is coming from tracking their users or from scraping online sources, you need to know the ins and outs of gathering data and deploying it for your own needs. 

But the operators of these data sources are increasingly trying to prevent data scrapers and other artificial traffic from accessing their valuable data. In some cases, there is a commercial incentive for doing this – whoever controls the data might have found a way to monetize it, while their users have found out how to get it for free. Proxies help data scrapers and SEO tools to maintain their anonymity and disguise their true nature.

Competitor Research

Conducting competitor research is essential if you want to know how to edge out your competitors and nab the coveted top Google spot for your most important keywords. However, websites and businesses are increasingly taking extra steps to try and prevent competitors from being able to access sensitive data.

By connecting to a website using a rotating proxy service, you can automatically shift your IP address after a certain number of requests have been sent between you and the website. What’s more, you can specifically use a residential IP address, which will make your software nearly indistinguishable from a legitimate user connecting from a residential area. 

By choosing a proxy service that provides access to a sufficiently large IP pool, you can be almost certain that you will be using clean IP addresses that your target websites haven’t already banned. 

Data Scraping

It isn’t just your direct competitors who can be of use to you. Data scraping can give you valuable insights about any number of things; it all depends on what data you go looking for during your scraping expedition. There are plenty of tools on the market now that make scraping data simple and accessible – a far cry from the situation a few years ago where real expertise was required to scrape at any scale.

Once again, a private proxy service with rotating IP addresses will let you scrape data to your heart’s content without having to worry about IP bans. Using it, you can scrape all the data that you need to inform your SEO strategy. The more high-quality data you have, the better.

Link Building

Another vital tool in the SEO toolkit is link building. A common mistake that SEO newbies make is to only focus on the keywords they are competing for with their rivals. In fact, you should be looking for keywords that your rivals haven’t even thought about yet. Using data scraping with a private proxy service will let you reliably investigate keywords and links to your heart’s content.

Search engine optimization is vital to the modern internet landscape, but it would be simply impossible without access to proxy servers. Proxies are required to enable simultaneous and rapid sequential connections and to circumvent per-user limits that might be in place. They are absolutely essential to SEO. What we’ve listed above are just some of the many benefits that proxies offer for SEO professionals.

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