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The Wrong Way To Trim Your Budget

This is a great story about the “benefits” of bureaucracies. As you’ll read, the problem with adding a lot of additional layers in management is that ultimately the management takes precedence over the original task. We see it all the time in government programs meant to be limited in time and scope, but soon become the lifeblood of the powers. These programs, once started, rarely ever get cut or replaced despite rampant inefficiencies. Enjoy!

The residents of a small town built a new bridge. Then they decided that, if they had a new bridge, they’d better hire a watchman to keep an eye on it. So they did. Someone noted that the watchman needed a salary, so they hired an accountant. He in turn pointed out the need for a treasurer. With a watchman, an accountant, and a treasurer, they had to have an administrator. So residents appointed one. Congress then voted a cut in funding and personnel had to be cut back. So they fired the watchman!

John Maxwell, Developing the Leaders Around You

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