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Book Review: The Winning Attitude

The Winning AttitudeThe Winning Attitude: Your Pathway to Personal Success
Author: John C. Maxwell
Paperback: 214 pages, $5.99
Published: 1993

Attitude is a funny thing. It plays a significant role in our daily successes and/or failures, whether people like us or not and our ability to lead. But, as John Maxwell points out in The Winning Attitude, we have complete control over our attitude in any given situation.

Winning Attitude explains how much our attitude effects our lives and what we can do to choose to have a positive attitude daily. Maxwell offers example after example of leaders throughout history who’s attitude brought them to success even when those around them said it could not be done… even after they had failed time and time again.

Winning Attitude is one of Maxwell’s earlier leadership books and was written from a decidedly Christian/Biblical perspective. Even if you have no interest in Maxwell’s religious perspective the points he outlines are solid principles that every business person should take note of.

The book covers four main points:

I. The Consideration of Your Attitude
II. The Construction of Your Attitude
III. The Crashing of Your Attitude
IV. The Changing of Your Attitude

Each section paves the way for the next as Maxwell outlines how our attitude can make or break us in our professional and personal lives. This book is about creating a mentality for success. Every person’s success begins and ends with their attitude.

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