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5 Tips For SEO-Friendly Web Design

Designing a website with SEO in mind from the very beginning makes it much easier to stay on top of it as your website grows. Trying to boost your SEO score significantly further down the line is much more difficult. Here are five tips for baking good SEO into your design from the get-go.

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1. Choose A Sensible Domain

Your choice of domain name can have a considerable impact on your success with SEO, but not in the way that you are probably expecting. You don’t need to include any keywords in your domain name, for example. However, it is worth ensuring that any variations on your domain name, and any associated sub-domains, redirect back to your main website.

2. Get A Good Host

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if you don’t have a solid host lined up. Your choice in hosting service will determine how accessible and reliable your website is for users. Your choice of host will also impact the speed with which your website loads. This is another metric that Google considers when determining your SEO score. Websites that load slowly and inefficiently will be scored lower than those that are fast and responsive.

3. Find The Right CMS

Your content management system is the tool that you use to add new content to your website. WordPress is an example of a very popular CMS that is a great starting point for beginners. However, there is an endless array of CMSs out there for you to choose from.

4. Work With The Pros

If this is your first website, or the first time you have been responsible for overseeing the SEO of a website, there’s no shame in calling in the big guns to help you. Hiring a professional digital marketing agency like WSI Digital Ltd early on in the process will enable you to incorporate their advice into your website’s design from its genesis.

As your SEO score increases, so will the flow of traffic to your website. The more traffic you are bringing in, the more opportunities you will have to monetize it effectively. Hiring a professional digital marketing agency can get expensive, but if you do it right then you can easily recoup your expenditure in increased revenues.

5. Pay Attention To Your Website Structure

There is a wide range of factors that Google considers when determining your SEO score. Long gone are the days when Google was only interested in keywords and phrases on a webpage. The search engine giant SEO algorithms are much more sophisticated today and take into consideration a far broader range of metrics. Among the many things that Google now considers when determining an SEO score, the structure and underlying architecture of your website are among the most important.

Pay particular attention to your URLs. Your URL should be easy for a human user to read. After a simple glance at the URL bar, a user should be able to see exactly where they are on your website and how they got there. 

SEO is no longer just about keywords. Your SEO score now considers just about every aspect of your website design. By putting SEO at the heart of your design, you will have a much easier time keeping up with it.

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