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Top 10 Worst Things You Can Fret Over in SEO, Part II

This post is alternately title: 10 Useless SEO Worries, Part II and the Number One Most Important Thing You Should Worry About

Small businesses are often left in the dark when it comes to which SEO strategies really work and which don’t. There is an onslaught of information freely available online, much of it contradictory. Small business owners who attempt to perform SEO for themselves are often left wondering. What strategies are more important than others? Which are not worth more effort or none at all?

Miring through SEO forums, blogs and article sites can provide a great deal of good information, but can also leave the small business owner a bit confused on what to or not to do. Last week, in an effort to bring to light those things that any small business owner shouldn’t be concerned about, I started counting down the top 10 things that a small business should never have to worry about in regards to their SEO campaign.

To a lot of us seasoned SEOs, or any of us who have participated in the SEO sphere, some of these things fall under the “duh!” category. Unfortunately, this is still not the case to many unseasoned small business owners who are either confused or still following advice from 1999. Here I continue counting down what many would consider to be even more obvious things that are simply irrelevant and/or not worth thinking to much about. As obvious as they may be to some of us, I hope that this list does speak to those who most need it.

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