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Tracking Down Yahoo Tracking Code

Could Yahoo make finding their conversion tracking code any more difficult? Good lord. I have several clients with existing Yahoo Search with their conversion tracking already in place. Now I’m picking up new clients (business is booming!) and I want to get the tracking code set up.

One would think, at least I would think, that one could go to Yahoo Search Marketing HELP and enter “conversion tracking” and be able to find help on where to find the tracking code. But no. Life at Yahoo is not that simple. Yahoo help has usability issues – they’d benefit from our Usability Report. I’m not going to drag you through my search to find where to find the code but I’ll give you a quick synopsis of where I found it:

  1. Click on the Administration Tab
  2. Click on the Analytics link (on the blue bar up near the Administration Tab)
  3. Click on Enable Analytics
  4. Click on Activate
  5. You’re then given the code and told where to copy/paste it.

I hope this saves someone else the hour of frustration I had. If you really want to go through Yahoo to find their actual instructions, it is on page 59 (of 76) of their YSM Setup Guide.pdf. And if you want to know how/where I found the .pdf file … I’m not telling. I’ll let you have fun searching on your own!

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