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Create an Appealing and Visually Connected Tagline


Great taglines are short, memorable, and visually connected to your logo. Think about it, when you hear “just do it”, do you think of the Nike swoosh? Or when you hear someone say “eat fresh” you think of Subway! That’s because these companies have done a great job integrating their taglines with their logos.

You may not be a billion dollar company like Nike or Subway, but that’s no reason why you can’t come up with a great tagline and incorporate that into your logo. Your tagline should be a short phrase that sums up what you do and what makes your company great. It needs communicate a clear difference between you and your competitors, while also providing at least one benefit of doing business with you.

That’s a tall order for a tagline, and most taglines do this more through creating an emotion than conveying a thought. Thoughts take a lot of words, emotions less so.

So take some time to make sure you have a great tagline, and then integrate that with your logo so they are, essentially, one and the same. Doing so will help you build a strong brand and message that your visitors will remember long after they have done business with you… and help them recall you when it comes time to do business again.

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