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Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Site User Friendly

I recently noticed the newest selling tactic for major technology vendors: vending machines. Companies have begun selling equipment like iPods and cell phones in vending machines in major European hotels and airports. I can’t imagine myself using my credit cart to purchase an iPod in a hotel, but I suppose there must be some sort of target that will.

The bottom line with these machines is it allows customers to quickly and confidently purchase tech marvels with no strings attached. This is often difficult to find in the current e-commerce landscape. Many sites require me to register prior to checkout or ask me to sign in (to which I never remember my info from four years ago). All this to say that e-commerce web sites haven’t always lived up to a “quick and easy” transaction.

There are a few ways that you can immediately make your e-commerce site more quick and friendly for users:

1. Have a valid search function
Using a search function can help users quickly find what they need.

2. Make the payment process easy
Don’t make users jump through hoops to buy your product. Give them the option to register at your sites.

3. Offer prompt toll-free customer service
This will ensure to users that you care deeply about your customers inviting them to make more future purchases.

So next time you see an iPod vending machine, I recommend giving it a try. If it actually delivers on its promise, then great! If it breaks and steals your CC info, don’t blame me…

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