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Avoid Performance-Killing Website Architecture Issues With This Checklist

Website Architecture Checklist

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”@StoneyD”]The backend architecture of your site can make or break your website’s performance in the search engines.[/inlinetweet] Site architecture can account for about 30% of a successful SEO campaign and easily account for 100% of a website’s lack of performance.

Without a solid site architecture and proper architectural implementation, your website can end up with a number of performance-killing stumbling blocks that will affect your visitor’s experience on your website and/or prevent the search engines from ranking your content where it deserves. You’ll find yourself with fewer indexed pages, lower rankings, less visitors and lackluster sales.

A number of architectural issues can be overlooked by the search engines as they get better at analyzing and interpreting web code. However, I’ve never been a big fan of leaving it to the search engines to interpret a site correctly. Interpretation leaves room for mistakes, and those mistakes can cost a great deal when you’re not being found in the search results. The best solution is a permanent fix for whatever problems are affecting your website.

Good architecture creates a more visitor- and search engine-friendly website that will boost crawlability, improve navigation, create better search relevance and increase conversion rates.

website architecture checklist infographic

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