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What About the Directories?

Are directories really helpful now days or are they just a waste of time? Should you try to be submitted in a free directory or are the paid directories more beneficial to your site? Why are you asking all these questions all the time and not optimizing your site or doing your work like you should be?

For some people, directory submission could be a confusing thing; deciding which one(s) you should submit your site for, paid or free, which category to submit to, etc. However, this article by David Wallace will hopefully explain some things and put some problems to rest.

“As far as inclusion of your web site, typically a search engine will find your site on its own whereas with a directory, you have to submit your site for inclusion.”

“Free directories are becoming more scarce all the time. Most are now requiring some kind of fee for inclusion whether that be a one time fee or some kind of recurring fee. We have to ask ourselves then if it is worthwhile to pay these fees or should we just forget about paid directories altogether?”

“This is where directories can help. Many of the top directories that I will mention shortly have good link popularity that can be passed on to your site.”

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