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What Shape are You?

Recently in the office here, Stoney had us go through this exercise in which we associated each of us individually with a shape. He got the idea from a Quantam Business book he has been reading. We found that each of us could be labeled within one of the described shapes, but not entirely. Also, we found that the shape that someone associated themselves with to be totally different to what others perceived them as.

Here are the different shapes as described in the Book:

  • Triangle: Triangles are well-balanced, and their focus is at the top-on goals, career, and moving forward. They have strong leadership skills and are quick to make decisions and take action. They’re often athletic and love to compete. Political maneuvering is a strong point with them, and they have the ability to empower others. They’re sometimes described as role models.

    Other triangle traits include a driving need to be in control and to be seen as “right”. These types are often more interested in their careers than in the work itself, and although they’re quick decision-makers, they’re likely to choose the course that’s in their best interest. They would rather be the team leader than the team player.

  • Box: The box is the most structured shape. Box types are hardworking, dedicated, persistent- the ones who get the job done. They’re detail-oriented and highly organized. They love factual data, and dislike emotional issues. They’re happiest when their lives are controlled and predictable. Following directions and completing projects are their strong points. They’re weaker at developing their own plans. Tell them what to do, and they do it.

    Boxes are not strong decision-makers. When unsure of what course to take, they often put off making any decision at all, until forced to do so. They often resist change until they have all the facts and evidence supporting a need for change, and even then may prefer the status quo. They have trouble function in an unstructured, disorganized environment. Their highly developed analytical side makes them appear cool and aloof, and their love of details can lead them to be nit-picking perfectionists.

  • Circles: Circles are amiable, caring, even-tempered, and well-rounded. They’re social “people persons”. Family and friends are important to them. They want to please others and they strive to make sure everyone is happy. They’re definitely team players who dislike conflict and will extend themselves to make things right.

    Good Interpersonal relations are important to Circles. Their natural empathy, genuine caring, and ability to listen make them the best communicators.

    On the downside, circles sometimes try too hard to please and have trouble saying “no”. Others sometimes take advantage of them or manipulate them. They don’t like making unpopular decisions or causing upset or strife. At times they spend so much time and energy on others that neglect their own needs. They also tend to blame themselves when things go wrong.

  • Squiggle: The squiggle shape symbolizes creativity. Squiggles are the creative, intuitive, right-hemisphere thinkers. They’re likely to experience leaps in thinking, jumping to conclusion or getting a sudden inspiration. Ideas and the big picture interest them more than details. They get excited about new concepts and like to focus on the future. They’re naturally expressive and able to motivate others.

    However, Squiggles can be disorganized and forgetful of details. Also, they can be difficult for others to understand and their leaps in thought and unstructured manner can frustrate the more structured shapes. The squiggle doesn’t function well in a highly structured environment.

  • Rectangle: Rectangles represent transition. They’re in a temporary state- undergoing major changes in life, questioning their current situation or searching for something new. Rectangles are learning and growing and are excited about upcoming changes in their lives. They’re open to new ideas and experiences, but are also easily swayed by any new fad that comes along. They’re confused and inconsistent, with personalities that seem to change from day to day, making them very unpredictable. Plus, they’re not above some emotional outbursts.

So which shape do you think you fit the most? Which shape best fits each of your co-workers?

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