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Why I Am Going To Search Engine Strategies

I have many good reasons to attend the 2007 Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose. First, I get to spend the entire week, nearly every waking moment, with my boss. Nuff said. Second, I will be a part of an exciting five hour road trip in quite possibly the smallest car every made, the Yaris. Third, and most important, I will partake in an extremely informative and educational meetings. I look forward to learning more about what others are doing in the ever-changing world of SEO. I tentatively plan on attending these particular events:

  • Introduction to Search Marketing
  • Search Term Research & Targeting
  • Search Advertising 101
  • Search Engine Friendly Design
  • Link Building Basics
  • Images and Search Engines
  • Fun With Dynamic Websites
  • Successful Site Architecture
  • Local Search Marketing Tactics
  • So You Want to Be A Search Marketer
  • SEO Q&A On Links
  • Site Clinic
  • Meet the Crawlers
  • Usability and SEO: Two Wins for the Price of One


I anticipate having a very informative time at the conference. In addition to these events, we’ll be going to the Google HQ for a tour. Hopefully they’ll have plenty of Macs to play with!

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