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Why Project Management is Important for an Organization

A well-managed project is like a well-cooked dish in which you add all the related ingredients with different tastes and nutrition to cooking a tasty dish. The same goes for the project management, a project manager analyzes different talents and skills in the group members and tries to utilize them as effectively and efficiently as he can. Project Manager might not be a master of all jobs taking place during the project but he is master at keeping the structure of the project still by bridging the communication gap between all the stakeholders, by assuring the quality of work and by drafting effective plans, etc. In short, successful project management is a sign of success, in today’s era we just can’t ignore the importance of it, otherwise, we will lack;

Feasible Plan

The setting of Practical and feasible objectives, deadlines and budgets are the key responsibilities of a good project manager as he keeps a hawk-eye on the project. Project Manager acts as a liaison between different stakeholders which helps him to understand key needs and overall business objectives. Because of his understanding, the project manager then designs an outline or a project plan that keeps the equilibrium among priorities concerning its budget and time.

Understandable Goals

There is a goal to achieve behind every action we take in organization otherwise resources could get wasted, it is imperative that all the stakeholders of the project clearly understand the goals they are expected to achieve. The scope and objectives of the project get tangled often as too many people with different understanding and working capacity work on it at the same time. Project manager reminds the team about their respective goals, priorities and potential risk repeatedly to keep the project on the track.

Strategic Systematization

Langley, the president, and CEO of PMI cautions, “If your organization is not good at project management, you’re putting too much at risk in terms of ultimately delivering on strategy.” Since the project manager has the skills to supervise all the planning and implementation of a project, he makes sure that all the tactics and goals are aligned with the organization’s strategy.

Managed Procedure

Choosing the right people for the right job with the right method at the right time, all these tasks are to be done before the project, not during the project. Project management is an example of a proactive procedure. Project managers split a job into manageable smaller tasks and set easy procedures to implement, this helps the team to work more efficiently and keeps them alert for risk.

Quality Control

Teams are under a great deal of strain to complete a task on a given schedule and planned budget. The project manager not only oversees due dates and objectives but also assures if a project will deliver as per quality standards so that everyone knows exactly what they are going to get in the end.

Reduced costs

“Efficient work reduces cost”, this is not a dream for successful project managers, and they know a secret to save time and budget which ultimately results in saving costs. As per the survey by PMI (Project Management Institute) conducted in 2018, 9.9% of every dollar invested got wasted due to inefficient project management.

Manage Change

Change is a very common thing nowadays, organizations face changes and they must prepare themselves for the rainy days. Project Management enables change with effective management and makes it way easier to adapt. 

Read about these five organizations’ successful implementation of Project Management:

  • American Airlines.
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Cengage Learning
  • Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
  • Flowserve

There is a lot of research going on in the field of Project Management, organizations are providing training to their employees to learn new techniques and approaches to carry a project. Not only this, but many educational and training institutes have started to provide project management training which helps in becoming a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional).

Project Management Professionals are needed in almost every industry from cement factory to a software development company, effective and efficient work is praised everywhere. However, one has to take proper training and classes to learn the techniques and approaches which will help him to analyze the condition of the work and to tackle complex situations. 

PMP Certification provides a great advantage to earn a very good amount of money, according to a survey of people who own PMP Certification earns 20% more salary than the people who don’t. With the help of PMP Certification Training online one can learn to make use of different tools like PERT Charts and Critical Path Method Charts, these can help you in portraying graphical interrelationship between variables of the project and also helps in listing elements concerning their priority. All you need to do is full fill the eligibility criteria of PMP, which only requires over 3 years of experience and 35 hours of professional training. 

Today, firms are facing challenges consistently, all the markets are very saturated, and uncertainties have increased too much. Without the practice of project management businesses are likely to face difficulties and in the end, there will be a stack of failed projects not because of ideas but because of unsuccessful project management.

Without effective project management, there would be chaos in organizations that would induce stress, uncertainty and higher rates of failure. One of the principle variables prompting the complexity of projects is the ascent of globalization. It is a provoking job for associations to work and arrange projects in various nations around the globe because of contrasts in time zones, language, culture, circulated groups, and distance.

The PMP connotes that you talk and comprehend the worldwide language of project management and associates you to a network of experts, associations, and specialists around the world. Become a PMP and become a project hero.

It is also a good idea to do an MBA in project management. If you are not comfortable with a full-time MBA program, there are distance MBA or Online MBA courses available that you can join and pursue them along with your full-time job.

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