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Will Link for Food

David Wallace tagged me with a charity link meme that I’ve been sitting on for a week. This meme has probably come and gone but since its a holiday and I have some time on my hands I thought I’d get this up.

Here’s David’s list:

  1. Phoenix Rescue Mission – homeless shelter Phoenix
  2. Teen Challenge Arizona – help with addictions
  3. The Crisis Pregnancy Centers – pregnancy counseling
  4. Serving Our World – care for orphans
  5. Teen Mania – Christian outreach to teens

As for my own list, well, that’s a bit difficult. Its not that I don’t appreciate a good charity I typically don’t spread my charity giving too deep. Most goes to my local church and what’s left is handed out willy nilly as we see a need. My wife will often just give money to someone she sees in need. No, we don’t get the tax deduction for that, but I’m OK with that.

Teen ChallengeThe only charity I can recall supporting recently, with the exception of 9/11 disaster relief stuff is Teen Challenge – Reno Adolescent Boys Center. I know the local director, John Yacienda, personally and he is a very inspiring person. He does a great job with the boys there and they have seen some very positive results from their work.

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