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How To Win at Web Marketing: Invest More Than The Other Guy

How to win at web marketing


There are two true components to successful web marketing. The first is the knowledge/skill component. Without that you’re dead in the water. But once you’re at the top of your game (or you’ve hired those who are) then what? How do you grow your business faster than the competition?

You have to do more.

Obviously, a sound business model and effective business management is a prerequisite. But let’s assume you have a top-tier business strategy and web marketing skill. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Moving past websites that hold the search engine positions above you really comes down to elbow grease.[/inlinetweet] Either your own or that of those that you pay. It’s your money going toward their time (and skill) to do what needs to be done.

It all comes down to one word: investment.

How much time and/or money are you investing in your web marketing campaign? If that other site you’re trying to overtake in the search results is doing a better job investing in social media, your efforts will not be as successful. If they are investing more in building a better web site, it will always be better than yours. If they are investing more in customer outreach, they will garner more customers than you.

See the pattern here?

As long as your competitors are investing more than you (unless they are less skilled and/or knowledgeable than your team) you’re setting yourself up to lose.

You are simply unlikely to outperform anyone who is investing more than you. Period. So that means you have to go one better. And depending on how far ahead they are, you might need to do more than one better, maybe five or ten better, just to catch up.

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