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Windows Live – New Tools, Same Microsoft?

Microsoft has jumped head first into the world of online and desktop tools with the new Windows Live Suite aiming to simplify users’ experiences on the web. I hate to be the bearer of truth, but the tools look oddly familiar to those of our friend Google.

Live gives users free programs such as mail, photo sharing, blog hosting, social networking, and web-based docs. The only tool I found worth downloading was Windows Live Writer. Live Writer allows users to quickly publish content to a blog without using your blog’s typical online interface. The program works just like most desktop publishing programs such as MS Word. Writer also gives options such as inserting tabs, tables, video, formatting, etc, making it quite easy to upload content to our WordPress-based blog. Live Writer is a great tool for those that may not be very web savvy. I know quite a bit HTML, but for those who don’t, this tool could prove to be quite useful with eye-appealing and easy to use interface.

There you have it. I’ve endorsed a Microsoft product and I’m sane.

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