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Writing for Readers, Skimmers and (Yes) Non-Readers Too!

There is a lot that goes into developing good content for websites, and there are a lot of schools of thought into how to develop text that is “just right” for search engines and customers alike. We’ve heard all the arguments about content before. “People don’t read, they just look at the pretty pictures.” “Lots of text is needed for SEO.” “Not everybody skims text, some like to read word for word.” “Not everybody reads word for word, some like to skim and scan.”

On the surface these appear to be quite contradictory points, but they are not. In fact, each is valid in its own way, but none of them negate the reasons for writing good content for each page of your website. For the sake of argument, lets say that there are three types of people surfing the web: those who read page content word for word (mostly), and those who skim read (mostly) and those who avoid words (mostly).

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