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Yahoo Corporate at Odds with Yahoo Search

Last week after Yahoo’s Chief Financial Office Susan Decker was quoted in Bloomberg News suggesting that the search engine wars are over, at least as far as Yahoo is concerned.

We don’t think it’s reasonable to assume we’re going to gain a lot of share from Google. It’s not our goal to be No. 1 in Internet search. We would be very happy to maintain our market share.

That statement provoked an immediate reaction from the Yahoo search team.

This commitment to being the best should be crystal clear from our investments in talented people, research, innovation and new products,” the post read. “Believe it or not, we are still in the early days of search. As all of us at Yahoo agree, we’re in it for the long haul, and we’re in it to win.

So what’s going on at Yahoo? Has the corporate office given up on search? The search team may be gung-ho, it looks as if Yahoo is looking for other areas to invest rather than continuing to pour money into search. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before Yahoo engineers start leaving in search of pastures where their work is more aptly appreciated.

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