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Yeah, But… I Don’t Want To Grow My Business

Yeah, But... It's time to bring your business up to speed

Let me just start by saying that I have a few number of pet peeves. One that really gets under my helmet is when I’m trying to help someone who won’t let me help them!

Person: Can you help me do this?

Me: Sure, you need to click here.

Person: I tried clicking over there and over there.

Me: OK, but you need to click here.

Person: I’m so mad I can’t get this to work!

Me: I understand. Just click here.

Person: All I want is to be able to do this thing. This is so frustrating! Every time I try to do something, something else goes wrong. Why doesn’t this stuff work the way I want it to.

Me: I would like to unsubscribe from this conversation.

There is a reason I’m not a sales person. They seem to have a peculiar skill set that is completely foreign to me. It’s called patiently listening. And then saying pretty much the same things over and over again, in a slightly different way to overcome yet another list of objections. This is especially true when people come to us for help then tell us “yeah, but…” every time we try to help!

I’m just not programmed to deal with that. I hear “yeah, but…” three times, and it’s kind of like a “you’re out” scenario. I’m not a sports fan, but I hear they do that kind of thing in one of them. I mean, here we are trying to help people who came to us for help, yet they keep finding all kinds of reasons why they don’t want or need our help. Does that seem right to you?

No, no it doesn’t.

It’s like someone going to a car dealership and then saying, “Yeah, but… the bus picks up right outside my door.” Or, “Yeah, but… I can rent a car.” Or even, “Yeah, but… I like motorcycles better.”

I’m sorry, is there a reason you came to the car dealership then? It’s almost as if some people want to be talked out of the very thing they are looking for.

Yeah, but… my sister already writes my content.

“Yeah, but… we do just fine without SEO.”

“Yeah, but… social media can’t be tracked.”

“Yeah, but… I Can Get a $#!^ Load of Links on the Cheap”

“Yeah, but… it’s so easy to run PPC campaigns.”

Yeah, but… we don’t want you changing anything on our site.

“Yeah, but… I can’t afford SEO.”

“Yeah, but… you don’t offer any guarantees.”

“Yeah, but… it should only take a month to optimize my site.”

“Yeah, but… I don’t need social media. I’m B2B.”

“Yeah, but… analytics doesn’t help me get rankings.”

“Yeah, but… our site converts just fine.”

“Yeah, but… can’t I just ask for links?”

“Yeah, but… we don’t sell anything on our site so SEO won’t help us.”

“Yeah, but… my site already shows up when I search for my name.”

“Yeah, but… social media doesn’t lead to sales.”

Today, I have demanded commanded insisted requested that the team start answering these questions. As we embark on this incredible journey, we’ll answer the above questions and more (or less) so all you “yeah, butters” out there will have a nice handy reference sheet.

Just know, you yeah, butters are not alone. There are others like you out there. In fact, thousands of people, just like you are trying hard to talk themselves out of growing their business through online marketing. Their excuses are many. Their dodges are vast. Their websites are broken.

But no more! The time has come to put the “yeah, buts” behind us as we move forward with a series of “yeah, but” answers. Keep coming back for more posts in this series over the next several weeks and months. Will it be worth your while? Yeah, but… but nothing!

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