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Say “Yes, And” Book Review.

Say "Yes, And!"Say “Yes, And!”: 2 Little Words That Will Transform Your Career, Organization, and Life!
Author: Avish Parashar
Paperback: 100 pages
Cost: $9.32
Published: January, 2012

If we all said “Yes, and…” the world would be a far better place. Not only that, but each of us would have a far richer life than we do now.

Avish Parashar gives us a very simple, yet extremely powerful way to enrich every area of our lives. See, the problem is, we’ve gotten lazy. Most of us are cynical about ever being successful, whether it’s in our work, life, marriages, or whatever it is we want to get out of life. That cynicism has gotten us in the habit of saying “Yes, but…”

We have excuses. We have obligations. We have no time, energy, money, experience, knowledge. It’s a good idea, but…

Parashar helps us break the “Yes, but…” habit and turn it into a “Yes, and…” habit. As Parashar explains, “Yes, and…” will literally change the course of your life. How do you start? Stay “Yes, and… I’ll buy a copy of this book right now.” You won’t regret it.

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