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You Sphinn Me Round (Like a Record)

SphunnShortly after Sphinn sphunn its way out to the public there were a host of SEOs scrambling to help get the word out on their blogs, writing posts about the new “digg for SEOs”. I’m not much of a newsbreaker here so instead writing about Sphinn without having given it a fair test run, I decided to wait a while. Besides, the word was getting out, all I would have done is just added another “me too” post.

A few days after Sphinn’s release to the public, Matt McGee wrote a post about the Sphinn effect, providing some illustrations as to the traffic increases that were the result of a single story he posted on the site. I wanted to go a bit further and show my results after about two weeks of Sphinning.

Here are my Sphinn submissions to date:


A quick breakdown:

  • So far I’ve submitted five topics.
  • Four were to posts I had written, one to a post Diana wrote.
  • One of those submissions was to a story I wrote over on Search Engine Guide. This was my second most Sphunn submission. I can’t measure the traffic generated from that submission.
  • I’ve cast a total of 20 Sphinns which is relatively low but I admit I don’t get over to Sphinn every day.
  • I’ve gained a handful of stalkers, a few friends and to date I’m not stalking anybody because I haven’t really figured that whole thing out yet. (Hey, I’m a busy man!)
  • I’ve received a grand total of 59 Sphinns to date.

Let’s talk traffic


Sphinn brought me more traffic than Search Engine Guide where I blog original stuff once or twice a week, and have a weekly article posted as well. But I guess that stands to reason as my articles are read over at SEG whereas Sphinn directs users to the original posts.

But there is something else here worth noting. I suddenly started getting traffic from StumbleUpon. The entire previous three months I received only 38 visits from StumbleUpon (yeah, I know, we can do a lot better here and in other areas too!) in the full three months prior to July.

As for RSS feed subscribers, well, the jury is still out on that. We had been pretty consistent for the past two weeks but did hit a new peak a few days ago. In all, I don’t seem to have gained any significant new subscribers but on the flip side is, we have been getting a lot more comments on our blog posts as of late. And that I like.

And finally, for you nostalgia buffs, like me, this vids for you…

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