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Your Website Content Should Show, Not Tell

internal linking to show not tell

Have you ever had trouble finding something in the supermarket or hardware store, only to have an employee point you in the “right” direction and leave it at that? More often than not they tell you to go back where you just came from, where you were unable to locate the item in the first place.

Which makes it nice when someone actually takes the time to help you find your item. When it comes to customer service, people like to be shown, not told.

“Walk” Visitors Through Your Site

Of course, on the web, you can’t walk someone across your store to the item they want. But what you can do is create content that shows more than it tells.

A great way to show rather than tell is to provide links within your content. Think of your navigation as the telling. It’s always there, and someone can use it anytime they want. But each time they have to use the navigation bar, they are exiting from the content they are engaged with.

To keep visitors engaged with your content, use the content to show them where they might want to go next. We like to call these “calls to action” but it’s really more than that. It’s offering a paths that leads them closer to their destination.

Each link in your content shows visitors where they might want to go next. It gives them options that they may find useful in their own conversion journey. You may not be able to be there to hold their hand, but links in your content is the next best thing.

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