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Evaluating A Link’s Worth [Infographic]

evaluating link value

Let’s say you’ve been given charge of implementing a link building campaign. You’ve read innumerable posts over the last several years regarding the demise of low-quality link building, in which, big brands like JCPenney have been given penalty for such practices. This is a misjudgment you’ll easily steer clear of because you’re fully aware of the mantra, quality trumps quantity.

You’re likely in the know about what link building strategies the experts are using. If you aren’t, I recommend this groomed list of link building interviews. Looking for a one-stop-shop to learn what the link pros are up to? Check out the annual, Link Building with the Experts interview that Rae Hoffman’s been putting together since 2007.

There are many resources out there, and you could spend years reviewing them. Brian Dean of Backlinko contacted me proposing an excellent idea for collaborating on an infographic to assist the linkerati in the link valuation process.

How do you evaluate a link’s value?

Brian and I agreed on eleven criteria for estimating the value of link. [tweet this] This is a helpful checklist to run through during your due diligence process to decide if a link is worthy of your pursuit.

 Evaluating a link's value

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Are there other criteria you think should be considered? Leave your thoughts in the comments; we’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Evaluating A Link’s Worth [Infographic]

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks very much for this. I pride myself on having ploughed through 2 years worth of printed ‘how-to’ guides on Content Management, and how manyy of these tips were gone with the next update, and here I am: Building based on what this infomgraphic says – for the most part.