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Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby is a UK-based Digital Strategist with Wyatt International. He also runs Find My Blog Way, a resource for bloggers, and his personal travel blog, Melted Stories.

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How to Build High-Quality Links to Your Site #linksecrets

I have a fair few secrets that I keep to myself when it comes to link building, as I’m sure that many others do, but I’m going to share a simple, but very effective tactic for building high-quality links to your website.

This method involves doing things that Google wouldn’t typically approve of; however, it’s going to be extremely tough for them to ever pick up on things like this.

Webpage Acquisition

This link building secret involves finding existing content on the web and then paying the webmaster to acquire it. Now, I’m not talking about buying expired domains here, but instead it consists of buying single webpages within active domains.

Prime targets for this kind of activity are blogs that haven’t posted for a long time, or have at least been less active than they once were. To do this, you can use the following footprint within ScrapeBox: Continue Reading