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Under the Hood of a Digital Marketing Campaign 8 Months In

8 months into digital marketing campaign

Every few months, we put together benchmarks for our clients. These reports help us fine-tune our strategies by assessing the biggest needs and opportunities. We use this information to outline a plan for moving forward for the next few months.

By the time we get to month eight, we are settling into some strong routines. We still maintain a high degree of flexibility, but we have the advantage of client-specific knowledge that we didn’t have in the first few months: What’s working, what isn’t, and what the data tells us.

Typical Functions in the Last Half of a Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Information architecture analysis: This is an ongoing process, using tools and other resources to assess issues and implement fixes across the site.

  • On-page optimization: If we have not optimized all the keyword groups from the highest-priority keyword topic, we continue to work on that here. Once we have optimized all relevant keywords for a topic, we move on to the next-highest-priority topic and do the same. This process continues for as long as there are keywords left to optimize.

  • SEO performance reviews: Now that we have rolled out some optimized pages in the second sprint, we can begin going back to review how those pages have performed. It might be a bit soon for some pages, but we can set the baseline and watch what happens. If the pages underperform expectations, we’ll assess why and see what we can do to improve.

  • Social media implementation/blogging: This is another continuous process. Social media success requires maintaining momentum. Once you stop engaging on social, you’ll begin to lose much of the value that you have put into it. That’s not to say social media doesn’t offer long-term value — it does. But there is also a “what have you done for me lately” component with your audience.

  • Conversion optimization: By the time we get to this phase, we can start doing some conversion optimization and testing. We’ll be able to see the impact of the new navigation, as well as some optimized pages. Now that we have a strong baseline, we can continue to look for ways to improve ROI throughout the site.

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