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A Completely Useless Link Bait Article

Editors note: When this article was originally published, every word was hyperlinked to a different source. This article now serves as an interesting anecdote about how the web changes. We have unlinked all words where the original page has been removed from the web since this article was originally published.

Just about everybody knows by now that links are an important and effective part of the search engine optimization process. The SEO community is abuzz with blog posts, forum threads and e-books attempting to demystify the link building process. Or at least to provide some general guidance on how to go about getting good quality links.

The process of link building certainly isn’t an easy one. While quantity links certainly can, and do, help a site gain notoriety, it’s quality links that really help things improve in the search engine landscape. As search engines have advanced their technologies to analyze links the process of obtaining them has advanced as well. Gone are the days of using “link monkeysto perform your link building campaigns. Today’s link building efforts are much more about marketing than they are about process.

The recent growth in social networking has contributed to the continued evolution in link building. While not replacing other forms of link marketing, social networking has certainly added a new element to the process. It’s a world where popularity rules and quality information gets noticed and magnified across the various social networking sites. In order to survive in this current link medium you need to focus on quality, ingenuity, and simply making yourself stand out above the fray.

The surest way to excel in obtaining good links is to first be “link worthy“. Short of that, well, you’ll have to beg, barter and plead for links. Secondly, once you feel you are link worthy, get the word out and put your link worthiness out there in the right places and in front of the right people. And if it’s good, they will link!

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