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A Whole New World

Kevin Lee reminds us what’s been changing recently in the search industry.

“Year after year, the San Jose Search Engine Strategies (SES) event coincides with major industry announcements. This year is no different.”

He also talks about contextual advertising.

“Contextual advertising continues to gain momentum for marketers who can’t find sufficient inventory in pure search venues. Marketers who understand search and keyword auction marketplaces are more than halfway to understanding best practices in contextual auction markets.”

And a little on “new metrics”…

“Major marketers are showing up at SES, and they’re starting to think beyond immediate return on investment (ROI) in respect to marketing and search.”

“Similarly, marketers recognize some of the media metrics used in traditional advertising and even online media don’t fully recognize search’s value. Searchers are in a psychological sweet spot for marketers.”

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